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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Karnataka PGCET Mathematics Computer Science Syllabus Model Question Paper

Karnataka PGCET Mathematics & Computer Science Syllabus Model Question Paper


Mathematics :
Analytical Geometry of 2-d — Lines, Curves, Analytical Geometry of 3-d — Lines, Planes and Conics, Differential Calculus — Derivatives of any order, Derivatives of functions, curves, Polar coordinates, Partial differentiation, Integral Calculus —Integrals of standard functions, Reduction formulae, Applications, Differential equations — Up to second order homogeneous equations, Solutions using Laplace transforms
Probability — Events, Sample space, Basic Theorems, conditional probability, Independence, Statistics A Frequency tables, Histograms, Measures of averages and dispersion. Combinatorial analysis — Permutations & Combinations, Linear and Non- Linear equations — Solution, Application, Set theory — Basic concepts, Operations on sets, Venn diagrams, De Morgan’s law, Power sets ,Relations — Composite, Equivalence, Recurrence, Number system Binary, Temary and others, Logic — Operators, Truth tables, Tautologics, Algebraic structures- Groups, Rings, Sequences and Series- Convergence
Computer Science:
Fundamentals of Computers, Office Automation, Basics of Internet
‘C’ Computer Language :
Basic Data types, Fundamentals of C programming, Control structures, Bit wise operators, Storage classes, Functions, Arrays, Pointers.
Each question carries One Mark 50 x l = Marks
1) The dual of each Bollean equation a (a + b) = ab
a)a+a+b;a+b b)a+ab=a+b c)a+ab=a’+b
d) None of the above
2) The number of distinct linear function’s f(x) which map [-1, 1] onto [0,2] is
a) none b) exactly one c) exactly two cl) infinitely many
3) ” IN1″ extension refers usually to what kind of the file
a) Image file b) System file
c) Hyper text related file d) None of the above
4) What dose SSL Stands for
a) Secure socket layer b) System socket layer
c) Superuser System Login d) None None of the above
5) The default values in memory which is allocated by calloc contains
a)O b) 1 c) Garbage Value d) None ofthe above
Each question carries two Marks 25 x 2 = 50 Marks
l) In how many ways can four mathematics books, three history books, three chemistry books and two sociology books be arranged on a shelf so that all books ofthe same object are together
a) 36200 b) 41472 c) 40278 d) None oft he above
2) The mid — points of the sides oftriangle are (1,6), (2, -1) and (6,4). The centroid of the triangle is
a) (3,2) b) (2,3) c) (3,3) d) (-3,3)
3) The best way to accurately align large amounts of information on a page is to use
a) Tabs b) Tables c) Horizontal ruler d) Vertical ruler
4)One of the advantages of email address book is
a) You must carry it around with you
b) You can only send e—mail to one person at time
c) You can create groups of contacts for mailing lists
d) E-mail software does not have address books.
5) int x = 0;
for(x= 1; x <4; x++);
printf("x = % d" , x);
What will be printed when the sample code is executed
a) 0 b) 2
c) 4 d) 5

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