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Saturday, December 4, 2010

IITTM Sample Questions for Aptitude Test

Sample Questions for IITTM Aptitude Test

Instructions for candidates

1. Test duration 2 hours 30 minutes

2. Use only HB pencil to darken the oval for answering.

3. Do not darken more than one oval against any question, as scanner will read such
marking as wrong answer.

4. To change any answer; erase completely the one already marked and darken the fresh
oval with an HB pencil.

5. There are 200 objective type questions in the test paper comprising of four parts:
a. Reasoning 60 questions
b. Language proficiency 60 questions
c. Numerical ability 40 questions
d. General awareness 40 questions

6. Each question contains four options for answer including one correct answer each
correct answer carries one mark. There is negative making 0.25 marks will be
deducted for every incorrectly answer.

7. Answers are to be marked on the answer sheet, which is provided separately.


1. Arjun has a certain number of small boxes to pack into parcels. If he packs 3, 4, 5, or
6 in a parcel, he is left with one over; if he packs 7 in a parcel, none is left over.
What is the number of boxes he may have to pack?
(1) 106 (2) 301 (3) 309 (4) 400

2. Statement : Should new big inductees be started in Mumbai?

Arguments : I. Yes it will create job opportunities.

II. No. It will further add to the pollution of the city.

(1) if only argument I is strong
(2) if only argument II is strong
(3) if either argument I or II is strong
(4) if neither argument I nor II is strong

3. A, Z, X, B, V, T, C, R, ?, ?
(1) P, D (2) E, O (3) Q, E (4) O, Q

4. If in a certain language, MADRAS is coded as NBESBT, how is BOMBAY coded is
that code.

Language proficiency

5. Autumn: Winter
(1) fall : digress (2) winter: retreat
(2) spring : flower (3) season: change

6. The government ………………… on this issue.
(1) is divided (2) are divided (3) is being divided (4) divided
Directions for Q.No.7: the question has a sentence with an idiom which is underline
choose the appropriate meaning of the idiom.

7. Rahul proved to be a wet blanket in the party
(1) good companion (2) warm and friendly
(3) kill-joy (3) helpful

Directions for Q. No.8: find out the part of the sentence that has an error. Choose ‘D’ if
there is no error.

8. They cook meals, lay the table and wash up, clean the house and mend the
(1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D

Numerical ability

9. The banker’s discount and true discount on a certain sum of money due 4 months
hence are Rs.515/- and Rs.500/- respectively. The rate of interest is:
(1) 10% (2) 9% (3) 8% (4) 7 %

10. There are 240 doctors and nurses at a hospital. If the ratio of doctors to nurses is 5:7.
the nurses at the hospital are:
(1) 20 (2) 60 (3) 100 (4) 10

11. Two circles touch each other internally. Their radii are 2 cm and 3 cm. The biggest
chord of the counter circle which is outside the inner circle is of length
(1) 2√2 cm (2) 3√ 2 cm (3) 2√3 cm (4) 4√ 2 cm

12. A man goes 10 m due east and then 24 m due north. Find the distance from the
starting point.
(1) 26 m (2) 24 m (3) 28 m (4) 30 m

General Awareness

13. India has signed the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with:
(1) Iceland (2) Bangladesh (3) Mauritius (4) Sri Lanka

14. ‘Red Ribbon Express’ train has been specially designed for
(1) Spreading AIDS awareness (2) Poor people
(3) Exhibiting scientific developments in India only (4) VIPs

15. Mr. Barack Hussain Obama has taken over as the president of
(1) South Africa (2) USA (3) India (4) Pakistan

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